Monday, November 16, 2015

Series 2 Discrimination!

The brand spanking new BBC Store has launched. The online shop allows you to purchase digital copies of all of your favourite BBC series. Torchwood is there - however, series 2 is currently missing off of the available download options! No reason is given, although it's likely to do with rights issues on one or more of those particular set of episodes.

We'll update you when series 2 is ready. In the meantime, you can find the BBC Store by clicking here.

In other news, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (number 493) contains an interview with former Torchwood writer Catherine Tregenna. She talks about her time on the series, as well as writing for Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who's The Woman Who Lived:

"Torchwood was a bit 'anything goes' in that first series and that's fun, you know? It's fun to get your teeth into darker, greyer areas of morality, where not all the characters are necessarily likeable.

Tregenna goes on to discuss how she chose the name Bilis Manger, her acting career, and creating Welsh TV soaps! You pick up her interview in DWM now - in shops, or via Apple Store download.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Forgotten Update

So, in news that completely escaped me last week Big Finish have released Torchwood 1.3: Forgotten Lives. The adventure features Eve Myles and Kai Owen, reprising their roles of Gwen and Rhys. Rather excitingly, it's also set a number of years after the events of Miracle Day.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (issue 493) has a write up about the release, confirming the presence of an elderly man claiming to be Captain Jack Harkness...

You can buy and download through Big Finish now.

The company has also offered a preview of release 1.5 Uncanny Valley, which features the return of John Barrowman. That can be read and heard here.

As ever, let us know what you think.

Monday, November 02, 2015

The Reader Awards 2015 - Episode Results

Here we are... The results of the Reader Awards!

This instalment is dedicated to the series 41 episodes - all ranked out of ten. Previously we've scored series one to three, but this is the first poll to include Miracle Day. I wonder how it's done...?

Without further ado, then...

1: "Children of Earth - Day One" - 8.77/10
2: "Children of Earth - Day Three" - 8.74/10
3: "Fragments" - 8.72/10
4: "Exit Wounds" - 8.65/10
5: "Children of Earth - Day Four" - 8.62/10

6: "Captain Jack Harkness" - 8.6/10
7: "Children of Earth - Day Two" - 8.56/10
8: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" - 8.42/10
9: "Children of Earth - Day Five" - 8.20/10
10: "End of Days" - 8.19/10

11: "Out of Time" - 8.05/10
12: "Everything Changes" - 8.01/10
13: "They Keep Killing Suzie" - 7.93/10
14: "Reset" - 7.92/10
15: "Adrift" - 7.87/10

16: "Sleeper" - 7.83/10
17: "To The Last Man" - 7.81/10
18: "Miracle Day - The New World" - 7.8/10
19: "A Day in the Death" - 7.77/10
20: "Something Borrowed" - 7.76/10

21: "Miracle Day - The Categories of Life" - 7.74/10
22: "Small Worlds" - 7.72/10
23: "Dead Man Walking" - 7.66/10
24: "Miracle Day - Escape to L.A." - 7.59/10
25: "Adam" - 7.58/10

26: "Countrycide" - 7.55/10
27: "Ghost Machine" - 7.49/10
28: "Miracle Day - Rendition" - 7.40/10
29: "Greeks Bearing Gifts" - 7.30/10
30: "Miracle Day - Dead of Night" - 7.25/10

31: "Miracle Day - Immortal Sins" - 7.22/10
32: "Miracle Day - The Gathering" - 7.19/10
33: "Meat" - 7.14/10
34: "Miracle Day - The Blood Line" - 7.03/10
35: "Miracle Day - End of the Road" - 6.94/10

36: "From Out of the Rain" - 6.90/10
37: "Day One" - 6.69/10
38: "Random Shoes" - 6.67/10
39: "Combat" - 6.64/10
40: "Miracle Day - The Middle Men" - 6.36/10
41: "Cyberwoman" - 6.32/10

Series One

I asked you to give the whole 13-episode series a score out of ten, too. You marked it 7.47/10 (up 0.06 on 2009's results). It manages 2 episodes in the top ten, and 4 in the bottom ten.

Series Two

You gave it 7.85/10 (up 0.23). There's 3 episodes at the top end of the poll, and only 2 in the bottom.

Children of Earth

This increases the most since the 2009 results - up 0.66, to 8.58/10. Every single episode of this incredible (but limited) run features in the top ten of all time.

Miracle Day

This scores 7.249/10 for its debut. This is the lowest of all four series - so it's not surprising when I say that no episode from this run features in the series top ten. Meanwhile 5 episodes feature in the bottom 10 section.

The Audios

Nothing from Big Finish marked, as the poll opened before the series' release. We'll do an update, maybe when that elusive "series 5" is released, in a couple of year's time...

1: "The Lost Files: The House of the Dead" - 8.88/10
2: "The Dead Line" - 8.29/10
3: "Lost Souls" - 7.01/10
4: "The Lost Files: The Devil & Miss Carew" - 6.60/10
5: "Golden Age" - 6.54/10
6: "Asylum" - 6.39/10
7: "The Lost Files: Submission" 5.87/10


More results will be revealed soon!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

November News

It's November - which can only mean that at some point this month Big Finish will drop their latest Torchwood release; Forgotten Lives, featuring Eve Myles and Kai Owen.

Myles reunited with Naoko Mori in a BBC Radio adaptation of Japanese horror, Ring. This aired in time for Halloween. If you missed it, and you're quick, you can still catch it online!

Meanwhile, Kai Owen's role on Hollyoaks continues. He's been speaking to the Radio Times about his character Pete Buchanan - a predatory sex offender.

Some spoilers for fans of Arrow - John Barrowman talks about the fourth season of the show, airing globally now.

John recently conducted a Q&A session with fans on his Facebook page on October 30th. You can see it by visiting the page, and becoming a fan of JB.

He's also presenting a weekly radio show on the UK's Magic FM. You can catch it every Sunday between 6pm and 8pm.

Finally, Gareth David-Lloyd needs a favour, if you fancy helping out. He hopes to crowd fund for a new web series, Twisted Showcase.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Woodies Round-Up: Fall to Earth

External reviews for Big Finish's second Torchwood adventure, Fall to Earth:

Red Rocket Rising ("The story entertains... it does a good job of keeping the balls rolling")
Doctor Who TV ("It's perhaps more successful than The Conspiracy because the latter was realy exposition heavy")
CultBox (Awarded 5/5)
Blogtor Who (Awarded 10/10)
Planet Mondas (Awarded 10/10)
Sci-Fi Pulse ("A dry and witty two hander")
Third Eye Cinema ("David-Lloyd comes off as far less dispassionate and equivocal than John Barrowman did last month"

The post will be updated over the next month or so, as individuals and sites post their opinions.

Meanwhile, tell us what you thought of the adventure in the comments section below.